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While you support American small business owners

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Veteran Business Bonds are the new way to invest

Tired of microscopic interest rates? Put your money to work,
earn an incredible 5% interest rate, and help business owners across the country!

Grow your money faster with StreetShares

  • Earn a flat rate of 5% interest
  • Start with as little as $25
  • Add funds as often as you’d like

Without being locked into unfriendly terms

  • Access your money anytime for a 1% fee*
  • After 1 year, withdraw with no fee or keep your money at work
  • Check your account 24/7

And proudly support the Veteran community

  • StreetShares funds loans to Veteran and main street businesses
  • Diversified across our loan portfolio of businesses in every region and in industries across the USA

Dive into the Details with the Offering Summary

We know that doing your homework about any investment is important.

Read the Veteran Business Bond Offering Summary to better understand the benefits and risks of this security.

Inside, you’ll find:

  • Product Summary
  • Performance & Risks
  • Tax information
  • SEC qualification information

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How Veteran Business Bonds work

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StreetShares is the easy way to invest in Veteran and main street small businesses.

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StreetShares funds loans to awesome small businesses like these

“Red Rock has been a very successful business for 10 years, serving the federal government and their contractors. Having access to fast and efficient funding through StreetShares has allowed us to grow our business aggressively. They were professional and helpful throughout the entire process and we were funded in a couple of days. I highly recommend StreetShares.”


“Having a cushion for the funds upfront is where StreetShares really helped out. It was such a fast and easy process. Everyone was very helpful and the process was super simple. I was also really happy that I could pay back my line of credit early without owing a fee.”


“In battle, you want to make sure your supply can keep up with the attack. That's basically how we've been able to work with StreetShares. We're using a line of credit as our supply so that we're on the front line of war. We want to make sure we've got enough supply to keep up with the demand. StreetShares has been a great partner. We've taken out four lines of credit so far and look forward to working with them more in the future.”


Common Questions

Veteran Business Bonds are open to all Americans who support veteran-owned small businesses. You do not have to be affiliated with the military or a veteran.

You may purchase Veteran Business Bonds in increments of $25, starting at $25.

You can invest up to $500,000.

Accredited and institutional investors may invest more than $500,000. Click here to learn more.

You begin earning interest within a couple of days of your Veteran Business Bond purchase, as soon as your funds clear the banking system.

*For withdrawals of more than $50,000 StreetShares may take up to 30 days to process the payment and remit the funds to your bank account.