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StreetShares for Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs)

StreetShares is bringing trust and community to digital lending. With StreetShares, investors earn returns by funding the growth of successful small businesses. It's "Shark Tank meets eBay" for Veteran-owned and Mainstreet small business loans.

Ready to earn returns by backing small businesses that create jobs and strengthen communities? StreetShares members can invest with an investment account, a retirement account, or both. To set up your retirement account click below or give us a call. We’re here to help.

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Benefits of Investing With StreetShares

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Apply in minutes to become a member. If approved, there is no minimum investment.

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StreetShares is social and transparent, so you can read pitches directly from small business owners.


You can invest in Main Street America with as little as $25.


We approve only creditworthy businesses, and co-invest in every loan so we have "skin in the game".

We've made it even easier for you to invest for your retirement with StreetShares. Millennium Trust Company is a leading provider of alternative asset custody solutions for institutions, advisors and individuals. You can easily use or open your Millennium Trust Company IRA or custodial account to purchase your choice of investments, including the types of alternatives investments available through StreetShares. Millennium Trust Company is not affiliated with StreetShares and Millennium Trust Company does not endorse or recommend any platform or investment.

Millennium Trust Company acts as a directed custodian for IRAs and other custodial accounts and does not provide any investment, tax or legal advice or recommendations to investors, or do any due diligence on any platform or investment for you.