Welcome to the StreetShares AMBA Member Partner Program

As a proud corporate member of the American Military Banking Association (AMBA), StreetShares has crafted specialized partnership options for AMBA members.


ALPHA: (Referral-revenue): a turn-key partnership that allows immediate offering of flexible loans and lines of credit to your customers. Amounts from $2,000 – $250,000 with terms of 3 months to 3 years. Pre-negotiated terms & fees, and StreetShares creates a partnership page.

BRAVO: (StreetShares tech for free): the ability to white label StreetShares technology, embed core capabilities, credit standards – all without charge. StreetShares will implement services without charge. Make StreetShares your lending technology service provider.

CHARLIE: (Invest): the capability for the AMBA member partner to invest in the StreetShares portfolio

To learn more, submit details below or contact Brendon Dibella at brendon@streetshares.com.

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