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Veteran Business Bonds

Earn 5% interest with bonds that fuel Veteran small business.

Now open to all Americans who support Veteran small business!

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Veteran Business Bonds. Life, liberty, and 5% interest for all.


You guessed it. Sign up to invest and get started with as little as $25.


We use the money you invest to fund loans for Veteran owned businesses.


Once invested, your money earns 5% fixed interest.

Less Fubar, more interest.

Tired of lame interest rates from your bank account? With StreetShares you earn 5% and crush the competition.


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StreetShares Rate

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StreetShares Rate

StreetShares Rate
Savings Account Rate National Average
StreetShares Rate
StreetShares Rate

*Source: Last updated 07/11/16.

4 Star Benefits

5% interest on a 12 month investment.

Sign up for free, and invest as little as $25.

Take your money out whenever you want.

Military grade security keeps your data safe.

Some of our badass Members

When you invest, Veteran business like these get funded. That equates to more inventory, employees, and working capital to keep their businesses thriving.

Combat Flip FLops
Combat Flip Flops

Army Rangers, doing great things for people in developing countries. They're not only making cool stuff in dangerous places - they're creating jobs and hope.

Noble Brewer
Noble Brewer

Noble Brewer saw an opportunity to use his Navy skillset and business education to share his appreciation of craft beer with others by promoting the nation's top homebrewers.

The Rosie Network
The Rosie Network

A non-profit founded by military spouses whose mission is to promote military family-owned businesses to the public by making it easy to find them.

So what are you waiting for? Get started now.

Most of the businesses we fund are Veteran owned, but we still lend to civilian owned businesses. Us small businesses need to stick together, so we fund as many as we can, responsibly.
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