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Factoring reinvented! Coupled with mobilization funding. Transparent, clear and human.

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How contract financing works

So, you have a contract, Congrats! Here’s how you can cover all your
expenses (like payroll and equipment) without worrying about when
your invoices will get paid.




Complete a task order or service, submit invoice to StreetShares and the agency


Get up to 90% of your verified invoice amount in 1 business day


Agency pays invoice, StreetShares sends you remaining balance

You can repeat for each invoice & use alongside a StreetShares term loan or line of credit.

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Lending solutions for government and commercial contracts

Government Contract financing options from term loans and lines of
credit for mobilization to invoice financing



Financing and support every step of the way


  • Flexible lines allow you to balance your cashflow at the onset of a contract
  • Invoice financing up to 90% of invoice amount
  • Dedicated contract specialist for your business


At the lowest rate


  • Rates as low as 1% for a 30 day invoice advance
  • No prepayment penalties
  • We’ll match competitor offers1


From a Veteran-run company


  • Proudly serving American businesses
  • Specializing in end-to-end contract financing solutions
  • Experienced lending specialists


Click here to learn more about our Patriot Express® Line of Credit.2

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Download our government contractor’s handbook


Our latest handbook has valuable tips & tools to help you
navigate the world of government contracting.

Get insights from successful contractors on bidding, maximizing
sales, financing, and more!




Proud American business owners

Here’s what other small business owners had to say about their
business funding experience

“As a successful 10-year federal contractor, having access to fast and efficient funding through StreetShares has allowed us to grow our business aggressively. They were professional and helpful throughout the entire process and we were funded in a couple of days.”


“We’re 50/50 government contracts and commercial. We started out working as a subcontractor and worked our way to being awarded with large government contracts with SOCOM and the DOD. Without StreetShares’ support, we wouldn't have been able to bid on any of those contracts because I don't live in a million dollar house to put up for collateral.”


Common Questions

Contract financing is an advancement of funds to your business based on an invoice or payments on a contract. With contract financing in place there is no need to worry about when your invoice will be paid; funds are available to you once the invoice has been validated. No more waiting on net 30, 45, 60 or longer to get paid. StreetShares advances you up to 90% of the invoice amount then receives payment from the contracting office.

Once you have been awarded a contract let StreetShares take care of the rest. Send or upload a copy of the contract, and we’ll handle the processing and paperwork. When you submit an invoice, we’ll verify it’s valid, and then advance you the funds. When the government or commercial client pays the invoice, which could be many days or even weeks later, we’ll send the remaining balance, less any interest or fees.

Yes, most customers take advantage of our line of credit or term loan alongside the contract financing. They typically use a line of credit or term loan to get started on their contract (like hiring staff or buying equipment), then rely on contract financing for consistent cash flow between invoices.

It doesn’t. StreetShares performs a soft credit check initially as part of the application process, which does not impact your credit score. Because contract financing isn’t a loan, we don’t make hard inquiries into your credit. Our Term Loan and Line of credit products do follow traditional credit screening processes, however.

No, at StreetShares we offer flexibility to our members. You can finance all or part of an invoice or none at all. StreetShares offers solutions that fit you and your business, rather than giving you a one-size fits all product. It is completely up to you and your business needs.

Factoring, accounts receivable financing, invoice financing and contract financing are all terms used in the industry in which a business sells its invoices or receivables to a third-party. However, StreetShares’ contract financing solution is comprehensive, covering all of your financing needs, from Term Loans and Lines of Credit to get you started, providing financial capability letters to help you get the contract, and financing your receivables. ‘Factoring’ companies traditionally just worry about your invoices or receivables and leave you to figure out your mobilization loans and other funding needs.

We can finance Federal, State, and large commercial contracts (whether prime or sub-contractors). Give us a call at (800) 560-1435 or e-mail us at today to find out if your bid/contract is covered.

Pricing from Streetshares is always transparent and clear to our members, with no hidden fees. With rates as low as 1 percent of the outstanding invoice and no cost for set up we are leading the industry with fair rates that help your businesses cash flow. Call us at (800) 560-1435 or e-mail us at and we’d be glad to tell you more.

We can provide our line of credit or term loan mobilization funding in 2-5 days. Completed contract financing arrangements can range from a few days to several weeks. We’re doing everything we can to streamline Contract Financing for our members, from our online application and streamlined processes, to our relationships with contracting offices nationwide.