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When it comes to fulfilling orders or satisfying unexpected demand, StreetShares has got you covered so that you can keep your business running smoothly through all unexpected growth challenges.

Who are inventory loans for?

Inventory loans are short-term loans specifically meant to help a small business purchase inventory (items for sale). These loans are commonly used for seasonal, quick-turnaround, or discounted inventory opportunities, and are meant to be paid off quickly. Some inventory loans are secured using the inventory itself as collateral, while some are unsecured and backed by a business’ cash flows. Short-term loans are a good choice for inventory purchasing purposes, as businesses often recoup the inventory costs far before the 5-10 year terms found in bank loans.

What are the benefits of inventory loans?

Short-term inventory loans keep your credit and capital from being tied up in loan repayment for years after you’ve sold the inventory you purchased with your loan. Acquiring an inventory loan can give your business the opportunity to pursue time-sensitive inventory pursuits, such as items with a short shelf life or at a deep discount.

How do I apply for an inventory loan?

You will have to prove your ability to pay back the loan with documentation such as bank statements and tax documents. Your credit score will also often be taken into consideration. These factors will determine your loan amount and APR. Once approved, you and your lender will agree on a repayment schedule.

When do I need an inventory loan?

Even though approval and funding can be faster with inventory loans, the best time to get a small business loan is before your business needs it. That way, you’ll be able to do your research, make a funding decision confidently, and get the best rates available.

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