Business Borrower Bill Of Rights

Small Business Borrower's Bill of Rights

At StreetShares, we have a very clear focus when it comes to our borrowers—to provide transparent, fairly priced funding options that put the needs of our borrowers first. Today, debt stacking, debt traps and other alarming practices among predatory online lenders threaten the financial security businesses need to continue providing quality products and creating new jobs for our economy. We believe small business owners deserve better when it comes to funding the businesses they’ve built.

Alongside a handful other leaders in the small business lending space, we’ve proudly committed to stand for small business owners and pioneer a way for setting the standard for responsible lending practices. Together, we believe every small business should have access to these rights:

1. The Right to Transparent Pricing and Terms

You have a right to see the cost and terms of any financing you are offered in writing and in a form that is clear, complete, and easy to compare with other options, so that you can make the best decision for your business

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2. The Right to Non-Abusive Products

You have a right to loan products that will not trap you in expensive cycles of re-borrowing. Lenders’ profitability should come from your success, not from your failure to repay the loan according to its original terms.

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3. The Right to Responsible Underwriting

You have a right to work with lenders who will set you up for success, not failure. High loss rates should not be accepted by lenders simply as a cost of business to be passed on to you in the form of high rates or fees.

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4. The Right to Fair Treatment from Brokers

You have a right to transparency, honesty, and impartiality in all of your interactions with brokers.

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5. The Right to Inclusive Credit Access

You have a right to fair and equal treatment when seeking a loan.

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6. The Right to Fair Collection Practices

If you are unable to repay a loan, you have a right to be treated fairly and respectfully throughout the collections process. Collections on defaulted loans should not be used by lenders as a primary source of repayment.

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