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To verify your bank account, StreetShares will initiate small debits (under $1) against your account. These debits are later reversed. When you see this activity post to your bank account (usually within 2-3 business days), sign onto the StreetShares web site and confirm the transaction amount to verify your account and complete your StreetShares account setup.

I hereby authorize StreetShares, Inc. or its affiliates, including StreetShares Lending Company, LLC (collectively “StreetShares”) to complete the verification process described above and to process electronic debits and credits to the bank account that I have linked to my StreetShares account. I acknowledge that the financial institution named to link to my StreetShares account is located in the United States and must authorize these electronic debits.

I understand this authorization will remain in full force and is in effect until StreetShares receives my written notification of its termination, taking into consideration the necessary time required by StreetShares and my financial institution to respond and implement a change.