Risk Statement

I certify that I understand that investing through the StreetShares website, www.streetshares.com (including all subdomains, the “Site”) and by telephone, facsimile, email, or other means (collectively, and together with the Site, the “StreetShares platform”), involves risks, including the risk that borrowers will not repay their loans and the risk of StreetShares discontinuing the servicing of the loans. I further understand that investing through the StreetShares platform involves three parties: (1) investors (“Investors,” “Investor Members,” “I,” “we,” “me,” or “us”); (2) business borrowers (“Borrowers,” “Business Borrowers,” or “Business Borrower Members”); and (3) StreetShares, Inc. and any subsidiaries, including StreetShares Funding, LLC and StreetShares Lending Company, LLC (collectively, “StreetShares”). I understand that as an Investor bidding to back a Business Borrower’s loan request (“Loan Request”), I am making a binding obligation to purchase Member Payment Dependent Notes (“MPDNs”) issued by StreetShares, that StreetShares makes the loan to the Business Borrower, and that any payment back to me as the Investor is wholly dependent upon a Business Borrower paying StreetShares on the corresponding loan for which I made a bid.

I further understand that the Expected Loss Rate (“ELR”) applied by StreetShares for StreetShares own investment should not be considered investment advice. StreetShares is not an investment advisor, is not regulated as an investment advisor, and any price, ELR, or bids made by StreetShares apply solely to StreetShares’ particular internal investment standards and risk tolerance, and are communicated solely in the interest of transparency. I recognize that I, as an Investor Member, am solely responsible for evaluating relevant information and determining whether to bid to back a Loan Request. I understand StreetShares’ business is not to decide how I or other Investor Members should invest our funds. Instead, the StreetShares platform enables me to conduct my own independent analysis and to make my own investment decisions. I understand that StreetShares is primarily engaged in a business other than that of investing, reinvesting, owning, holding, or trading in securities and is therefore not regulated as an “investment company” under the Investment Company Act of 1940. I confirm that I am making my own investment decisions, and that I do not believe that StreetShares is an investment company, nor am I confused as to StreetShares’ primary business activity.

I understand the risks of investing and that Investors may lose all or most of their investment, and that the MPDNs are not guaranteed or insured by any governmental agency, instrumentality, or any third party.